Bloomingdale's is America's only nationwide, full-line, upscale department store. With an enduring international reputation for quality, creativity and uniqueness, Bloomingdale's is at the forefront of retailing worldwide.


The old-school 20th century model of retailing is over. Direct to consumer and e-tailing have taken over. This campaign activation is the creative result of an academic brief that prompted us to re-think the fashion industry by asking "How does the future of retail look like?". 

In the past, stores have always been the transaction point and that is not true anymore. If we think about a store as a mere commodities point, it represents a very different value than if we consider it as a communications point or as a brandscape to tell a story. The future of retail is about social interaction. Customers want to be entertained, engaged, and emotionally stimulated.

The world is moving from a more product-based economy to a service one, with an increased focus on experiences. As people spend more money on doing things than buying them, the retail experience must stay relevant.


This is the launch of the campaign "Inspire Expression" featuring the new Bloom Cities worldwide event and Bloom U social and app platform. 





Art Director

Visual Designer 


M. Lowe / Y. Kang

E. Holmes / W. Li



The launch of Bloom Cities is an opportunity to taste a different part of the world from anywhere in the world and to inspire people to be their best selves. 

Bloom Tokyo, Bloom Paris, Bloom London, and 5 other cities around the word all launching a Bloom Pop-up store at the same time to offer an unforgettable show to the senses featuring art, technology, new worlds, and the latest fashion collaborations between local and upcoming designers. 

The success of high-tech pop-up stores as support for online retailers is case in point. These short-term retail spaces give a theatrical, physical twist to a digital brand universe and offer unique experiences based around a new product. They generate excitement, surprise, and social media chatter.

Popstore 1.jpeg


The selected theme for Bloomingdale's flagship location in New York is Bloom Tokyo. Not only will the campaign be featured in the most iconic locations of the city but also in its main store in 59th street. The redesign of the brick and mortar shopping experience focuses on putting the consumer at the center of all digital interactions and cultural events. The act of buying now comprises emotion, ultra-personalization, surprise, and entertainment. 

Bloom Cities uses services as the stage, and goods as props, to engage individual customers in a way that creates a memorable event. Commodities are fungible, goods tangible, services intangible, and experiences memorable.


The growing popularity of e-tail means that most customer journeys now involve an online component – be it checking a store’s own website, that of its direct competitors, interacting with online communities, or fully researching a selection of potential product purchases. The Bloom U app becomes your personal fashion consultant offering personalized style look-books,  in-store interactive maps, ship-from-store, pay-with-cash, scan-&-go, same-day-delivery, crowdsourcing as well as direct access to the Bloom U social community.



The right kind of staff that are motivated to provide an excellent in-store customer experience will be another key feature of success for online brand experiences. In the BloomU platform staff reflects the aspirational elements of the brand, through their appearance, subtle use of body language, friendly interactions, and addressing customers on a first-name basis. This all leads to a sense of community that acts as a customer services team that isn’t sales focused – it’s purely there for customer support.

Personalized content and tailored recommendations are no longer "nice-to-have," but an absolute "must-have" for most people. Today's customers want brands to view them as distinct individuals with unique characteristics and preferences, as opposed to a faceless consumer. Customers' desires to be recognized by brands on an individual level largely impact their purchase decisions


Storyscaping is a new marketing approach that brings together the power of stories with the exciting experiences to create immersive worlds where brands and consumers connect. By using Storyscaping, brands can move beyond making ads and into creating worlds where their story becomes part of the consumer’s story. This is where enduring, dynamic relationships are built between consumers and brands. 


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