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Here's who I am & what I do

Design and innovation are my tools to promote and execute social change. I enjoy and commit myself to projects that have a positive impact on people and the planet, and I do my best to make this transformation an enriching and authentic experience, both for the team and for our partners. Organization and humor are my keys to success. I take pride in the work I do, as well as the strong relationships I’ve built with clients and colleagues. 

I help companies define, design, and launch customer-centric digital products by extracting meaningful insights from the research process and executing design decisions with a lean mentality.


Marta Téllez Delgado
Lead UX Designer and Team Lead

It was really a great pleasure to work with Gemma. She is very efficient and organized. She takes innovative commercial criteria and an original approach to create very much its own style. But most of all: she is a great team-mate. Her public speaking skills are remarkable, I am so proud for sharing projects with her. Gemma’s capacities make her the professional link that every company thrives to have!

Kristine Kalnina
Senior User Experience Researcher 

Gemma has three very prominent superpowers. A keen eye for detail and visual aesthetics - this helps her produce stunning work! Gemma's second superpower and her greatest strength lies in her perseverance. If there is something she is not familiar with, she will put in the time and effort to learn and understand it, and even if the learning is tough, she does not just give up, she keeps going! She takes it all in her stride and doesn't shy away from the unknown and the difficult. She brings an element of positivity into any team, and when going gets tough (as it does in many projects), Gemma motivates and supports those around her to inject the often needed energy. Last, but most certainly not least, Gemma is very receptive to constructive feedback. I have never come across anyone who would listen to feedback, no matter how difficult it might be to hear, and she takes it onboard, adjusting to it. Unlike many other creatives who often have their ego attached to their work, Gemma is a truly humble, talented designer. I have learnt a lot from my time working alongside Gemma and I would absolutely love to work with Gemma again in the future! You'd be lucky to have her on your team!

Alfonso Valls López
Engagement Delivery Partner - Products and Resources

I’ve had the great pleasure to work alongside Gemma where she was part of the Innovation and User Experience (UX) team for our retail client in Asia. Her contribution to this complex project has had a great impact not only for GFT development and architecture teams, but also for the client and other stakeholders involved. She is a natural leader and problem solver, easily identifying and proposing solutions to any road bumps that the team hits along the way. Gemma can communicate complexity with clarity, enthusiasm, and impact. Not only did she understood the client processes right away, but also led improvements that help the team, the project, and the product be more efficient. Her work has been extremely valuable

Amber Wilburn
Co-Owner at Inspiros Media

'Ridiculously efficient and talented' is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Gemma. She was always looking for ways to improve the work from both a design and strategic standpoint, which says a tremendous amount about her work ethic. 

Nic Rosental
VP of Technology at Brightwell

Gemma is an extremely talented designer. Her empathy for users is a clear guide in her work and it shows. She’s also an excellent communicator and a great teammate.I truly enjoyed working with her and would welcome the opportunity to do so again in the future.

Morgen Tanksley
Sr Art Director at Maycreate

Her positive attitude, willingness to be bold, and talent at ideation made her an excellent teammate. Her expressive personality and clear communication skills brought us success from the brainstorming process to the presentation. She is a dedicated, hardworking individual who inspires others and always strives for excellence.

Omkar Dokur
Sr. Software Engineer

Gemma is a gifted designer with a rare combination of contagious passion, endless curiosity, critical thinking, and strategy skills. She’s a strong advocate for the user-centered design process and promotes data-driven decisions. Gemma always does an amazing job striking the right balance between big picture thinking and attention to detail.

Kangsadan Palioudis
UX  Designer 

She is a great leader with strong UX design skills who is passionate about extracting meaningful insights from the research process to inform design decisions. I was pleased to discover Gemma’s ability to encourage everyone in the team. That’s something I really valued and her disposition made our project more meaningful. 

Rebecca McClain
Director, Marketing at Porsche Financial Services   

I had the extreme pleasure of managing Gemma early in her career while working in the US at Porsche. Although Gemma was in the early stages of her career at the time, she had a unique point of view that constantly starts with the point of view of the customer she is trying to inspire or service. This ability coupled with her constant enthusiasm for work and positivity she brings an energy to the team that is beyond invaluable and in my experience very rare. Following her work with Porsche, I recommended Gemma as a freelance resource to some former colleagues in the start-up community. The feedback on her performance was overwhelmingly positive. I would hire Gemma to work on any team that I manage not only because of the outstanding work product but more importantly due to the powerful effect that her positive attitude toward each challenge that is presented has on the entire team.



Winner at 2019 DTC National Advertising Awards 



​FCB Health New York’s campaign for our client Dermira won the bronze accolade in Best Disease Education Digital and Social Media category.


Guest speaker at AD@FIT CONFERENCE    


MAY 2018, NEW YORK CITY (USA)                           

​Invited to speak at the Fashion Institute of Technology to share my experience in Perception vs. Reality as a winner of the Live Pitch Competition for The One Club for Creativity.


Contestant at Adobe Creative Jam Competition 



Pitched concept App to 200 guests including global executives and staff worldwide through live streaming.


Winner at Live Talent Pitch Competition   


SEPTEMBER 2017, NEW YORK CITY (USA)             

An event hosted by The One Club for Creativity and Global Awards Club. Pitched to an audience of 350 people and 10 judges from companies such as Google and Publicis.


AdvertisingWeek Panelist Runner   


SEPTEMBER 2016 & 2017, NEW YORK CITY (USA)       

Participated in AdvertisingWeek as a volunteer to escort event panelists to their respective stages. Interacted with top global professionals and developed mentor relationships.


Porsche Innovation’s week     


MARCH 2016, ATLANTA (USA)                                       

Participated as a video editor to pitch campaign concept “She Porsche” to global executives and staff worldwide through live streaming.